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Welcome to the Loudoun Flexx Basketball!

Loudoun Flexx Basketball is a youth travel and AAU 501(c)(3), non-profit organization consisting of players from 3rd through 8th grade from northern Virginia and was founded to provide young athletes the opportunities to compete at a higher level of skill and commitment. We are members of AYBA and USBA. We are also AAU Club Level 3 member.

Our philosophy is this: As a youth basketball organization, Loudoun Flexx Basketball is dedicated to our players’ academic and basketball IQ achievement, dedicated to developing our players’ full potential, and providing a platform of AAU exposure with competitive regional and national competition.

Exceptional coaching is key to each player’s and the team’s success. We endeavor to support these young athletes on and off the court, academically, and as a member of our community. Loudoun Flexx selects its Coaches based on strong basketball acumen and extensive, proven coaching experience. Flexx Coaches bring demonstrated coaching success and personal profiles that include a deep love of basketball and a strong, enduring commitment to our young, developing players. Several of our coaches played college basketball or other sports in college including wrestling, football, and soccer and enjoy imparting their knowledge and experiences to the players.

Parent Testimonial

“The Flexx coaches are awesome! They clearly have extensive knowledge of basketball. But more importantly, they are patient and demanding teachers of our son. They never miss an opportunity to help him become a better player. Their knowledge, high standards and belief in the kids are perfect motivators for our son. He wishes he could have a Flexx practice everyday!” – Kelly C.

Loudoun Flexx Staff

Loudoun Flexx Basketball is extremely proud of the hard work of our staff and coaches. Flexx is a 100% volunteer based non-profit basketball organization and each of the men and women below give freely of their time to support the kids in our program. Below is a list of all staff:

James Larsen - President

Darrell Durst - Director

Brian Latimer - Director

Kolleen Tehan - Facilities

Helen Larsen - Secretary

Special thanks to Michael Montante (Accounting), Loudoun County PRCS, and our Sponsors

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